Showercare® consists of an innovative solution for patients in-bed hygiene, setting a new standard for healthcare in patient’s personal hygiene. This self-contained system allows patients with a high degree of dependence to receive a warm bath in their bed with high hygiene, dignity and privacy standards. Showercare® is continuously installed in patients’ beds, even when hygiene care is not being provided. Its innovative/adaptable design fits all standard hospital beds.

Implementing this system in hospitals, clinics, continuing or palliative care units and homes aims for the global improvement of patient’s hygiene, which enables a much needed and effective method to reduce HAI’s and further improves on existing solutions by providing high level hygiene care services to patients with direct impact on the clinical outcome, nursing personal activities management and succeeding costs for healthcare facilities inherently giving substantial savings for public or private health systems.

  • Permanently available in the bed – deploy on demand;
  • No transferring or movement of the wearer to a bathing  area is required;
  • Fully integrated, autonomous and confined system for multiple running hot water baths;
  • Increases comfort and dignity for patients and health professionals.

Patients are showercare®’s main users. Nevertheless, all of the major stakeholders involved can significantly benefit from showercare® usage. From healthcare providing facilities, Public or Private healthcare systems to healthcare professionals, they all benefit from using showercare®.


Patients, showercare® main beneficiaries can:

  • Enjoy a warm and comfortable bath
  • Take advantage of high levels of comfort, privacy and dignity  without transfering or moving to a bathing area required

The hygiene care, in bed, with running hot water as describe in literature, allows the maintenance of patient’s vital signs, and consequently helps maintain hemodynamic stability and high comfort levels.

Health professionals:

  • Allows a reduction on  time  spent  with  hygiene  procedures, up  to  50%;
  • Ensures a bath with comfort and dignity;
  • Averts unnecessary efforts, without the necessity of transferring or moving the patient;
  • Gives comfort  and  dignity  for  healthcare  providers.

Healthcare Units and Health Systems:

For Healthcare Units and Health Systems public and privates showercare®:

  • Allows an effective and much-needed means to prevent Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI);
  • Ensures comfort and dignity to all parties involved in hospital in-bed bathing – both patients and healthcare providers;
  • Reduces incidence and prevalence of HAI’s;
  • Reduces mortality due to HAI’s;
  • Streamline bed baths with operational and time spending gains;
  • Reduces poor patients hygiene running costs with substantial gains to underlying health systems.
  • Reduce  up  to  50  %  of  HAIs  and  associated  costs;
  • Global  improvement  of  health  care;
  • New  health  care  paradigm  for  helping  people  with  high  degree  of  dependence  in: Hospitals  -­ Healthcare  Units  -­  Home  Care